Dreamworks DREAMPLAY at the CITY of DREAMS Manila

Hello! Welcome to my first “legit” blog!

Most of you wouldn’t know that I have been working for 3 years along the airport road in Pasay City Manila, Philippines. I slowly notice a sign that immediately caught my attention. At first it was the photo of Toothless from How to Train your Dragon (movie) and the very Visible Shrek. I mean who would miss his picture – if you know what I mean?

As a mom, I was soooo curious to know what it was and storm in immediately with my daughter. From the looks of it, I think my daughter will surely enjoy what’s inside. We are not rich to begin with, so before we visit something new or eat something we haven’t tried before I make sure I “google” it. To prevent ourselves from “surprises”. So I googled and search and I found only 1 blog about Dreamplay as it was fairly new at that time.

Without further ado, moms, dads, kids, teens…everyone: here’s a little something from that place with lots of tips too!

The ticket we got was for a participating child and adult for 4 hours. So by the entrance we bought a ticket for my hubby at Php 680 (participating adult for four hours). As a participating adult, you are allowed to “ride”, participate and do whatever you want (at least the activities) inside Dreamplay – instead of people watching and photo taking inside. Tip no. 1 Wear rubber shoes or sneakers. The staff will ask you if you are wearing one anyway especially if you’ll participate on the activities.

We thought 4 hours would be enough but… oh well. Since we are like three 6 year olds inside the indoor theme park, we should’ve stayed for the whole day! First stop… the 3 story dragon slide – believe me when I tell you, I’m a full grown adult and this scared the hell out of me! My daughter and husband though we’re up for this, so let them be happy! While I took some photos, I got up to the stairs which was convenient for an adult and got to the slide with my daughter.

My brave girl!

My brave girl!

IT WAS REALLY SCARY!!! As a souvenir I got bruises on both elbows from the slide! Klutz? Clumsy? Frail? Hmmm yeah, whatever. Tip no. 2: You can wear a shirt, but when you are doing some activities, best if you have a jacket to protect your skin. (I know, I learned my lesson!)



Bruise from the green slide! Ugh!

Bruise from the green slide! Ugh!

What’s best is they have a first aid / medical room (I forgot what it’s called – sorry! 🙂 ). So it makes me feel a lot safer… despite of the bruises.

Tip no. 3: Ask for the schedules of the cooking class, the puppet show and the 4D Theater show. My personal favorite? Can’t really choose between the cooking class and the 4D Theater both we’re enjoyable with less risk of me getting hurt! 🙂 We all enjoyed the cooking class, as we were all starving!

From the cooking class... Yes! you can really eat it!

From the cooking class… Yes! you can really eat it!

4D Theater

4D Theater

Tip no. 4: Do get to try all the attractions, there’s no shame in doing so! After all, you paid for it!

Tip no. 5: My kid who is 6 years old can’t really try some of the attraction because of her height, if you have kids older than her – the more “sulit” your payment is. My daughter though, wasn’t at all interested with the big kids attraction – she was just happy with the slide, the “Fly your Own Dragon” and the “Fur Power” that we literally had to woo her into going out of that attraction by reassuring her we’ll come back again.

Marley's Favorite

Marley’s Favorite

Which leaves us to Tip no. 6: Know what time you came in, and take note of the time you have to go out of the indoor theme park! Why? An additional stay will cost you money again… and there isn’t any hi-tech indicator whatsoever that will tell you “IT’S TIME.” So you really, really, really, really, have to take note and be aware of the time! (Need I say more? Really?)

In case you are wondering, there is a snack bar, more of like a tiny food court inside, which I just saw briefly. They serve pizza, nachos, soda and ice cream.We didn’t have time to eat and try their food though – plus who am I kidding, it is expensive for us 🙂 Maybe next time – if we get to stay there for the whole day.

All in all, it was a fun experience definitely selfie worthy place that caters to all ages. I would love to come back and be able to spend one whole day without worrying about the time. Was it expensive? – I guess it was worth it.



For more photos you can check out our Family Facebook account: Alyssa Marley Jhocson Pineda!

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