An Open Letter to my Husband…

Dear husband,

When God gave you to me, it was love at first sight. How could I not agree as there’s no better place but to meet someone than at the house of God. I knew right then and there you were THE ONE!

Seven years has passed, we had so many ups and downs in life and yet you chose to stay with me, with us… throughout this years. I am thankful for that. But please remember I am still the same woman you fell in love with and time will not change that. I still need romance, surprise, laughter and most of all, more than ever I still need to feel like a WOMAN.

I always expect you to carry my bag if it gets heavy, pull a chair for me when we dine out, save the last piece of cake for me, let me rest when I get tired instead of dozing of first, spend your free time and day off with us,ย and even if our culture entails I holding our family money that you work for, I still need to feel that YOU are still capable of holding your own “wallet” and pay for dinner.

I still want to feel like a woman more than ever. I am not getting any younger, our daughter is growing up right before our eyes and I want you to be her role model. I want her to look up to you. When the time comes, and she finds a man that she will soon love, I want her to say: “I want a man who will treat me, same as how my dad treats my mom.” Imagine hearing that from your own daughter, wouldn’t you feel proud? OR… would that scare you finding the same man as you to love her?

My dear husband, I want to be proud of you. I want to say nice things about you and think about you with a smile on my face. It hurts me to see a lot of posts on Facebook about how great a dad or a husband they all have. While, I and your daughter wait for you at home with food to celebrate your day… wondering where you are again?

When our daughter is asleep and you are out to work, I would cry. Cry because I would ask myself: how did this happen? how could this happen? why did I let it? Why did you let it? I have a lot of questions only YOU can answer. But you NEVER tell me your feelings. We never talk about it. You were just silent. A dead air I have been dealing with for years and years… I always ask myself, how could I be so alone being married with someone? Yes, you have heard it, I am ALONE. I feel ALONE.

My dear husband, I hope you will not waste your time spending it with people who care less about you. I hope you will spend your time to those people who have devoted their love and efforts for you. I hope you spend time with your daughter who always asks about you.

My dear husband, I hope that the time will come and you will realize our worth in your life.

My dear husband, when you do… I hope it will still not be too late.

Love, your WIFE.



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