Have you met YOUR Regina George?

Bullying has long its long term effect on a person.

How do I know? I have been a victim. I have been a target for bullies since I was in elementary and would you believe up to this point, I still am. I have chosen not to tell my real “bullying stories” to mask these people in my life, some were altered to hide their identities.

During my lifetime, I have “collected” my own list of “Regina George” which has tormented, scarred and left a mark not only in my life but in my mind!

1. The Financially Challenged 

These are group of people (or a few guys and girls) who made fun of others who can afford to have yaya’s (nannies) or drivers that can take them to school when they were young.

It isn’t anybody’s fault if one’s social status is different from the other.

2.  The Talented

Someone who will ask you for a “dance-off”, “sing-off”, -“cook-off” whatever because they know they’re gifted.

Puh-lease, use that somewhere else, I ain’t interested to see what you got, I have no talent to show you! 😦

3. A.K.A. Regina George

This is someone who is so nice to you, make funny jokes and you thought “Wow, she is a good friend” – WRONG! She’ll put you in a three way conference call with your closest friends in school and ask you to say “something bad to these innocent people.”

Fine, I was young, I was tricked, I lost my friends and worst they think I’m an a** . So, I transferred school and started over with my life!

4. The “It Girls”

To be honest, there is nothing wrong with these people. It’s just that they’ll make you feel like “you don’t belong to their group” even if “you are part of their group.”

If you don’t like a person for whatever the reason is, don’t let her join your circle of friends. Period.

5. The Goddess

This one is a bit egotistic, self-centered type of person who thinks the world evolves around her. A single random “question” you ask about her from your common friend and she’ll think – You are against her.

Ummmm, aren’t you glad someone in this universe has actually noticed you and is interested to know something about you?(Needless to say, we have sorted out our issue and became, um civil.)

6. The Genius

No one is above her in this planet. Oh she is good! She will know your weakness and strengths and use that against you. She has this talent of finding friends and slowly play with their minds to hate you. She will constantly talk about you, doesn’t help you and worst will “plot” a sabotage against you.

(You think I didn’t find out? Hmmm I sure did!)

7. The Samurai

She is friendly, she smiles at you, talks about life, eat with you – the works. She is an angel! However you have to be careful about this one. This one, may seem like an angel and would not hurt a fly. BUT she will play with your mind. After all, you thought you were friends, you thought she can keep secrets… oh well you will just find out after this type of bully has stabbed you in the back.

And… she’ll still continue to be your friend. C’mon, no need to be a “plastic”. Let us be mature.

8. The Megaphone

This is the type of bully who will make sarcastic remarks about you in a, um, “loud” voice with a lot of people and would laugh in front of your face – with her audience.

Talk about losing your self-esteem there huh?!

So there you have it. The 8 Regina George’s I have met during my lifetime. If there’s one thing I am thankful for it was the lesson I have learned, the confidence I have built and the friends I really should cherish in my life!

…and to you my dear bullies, have a nice life and I hope you or your children will never have to go through this. If you need counseling, I’m few key strokes away!


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