Daily Mom Look!

I will make this post as quick and as informative as possible!

There are three things in life I wasn’t born with: 1) I wasn’t born pretty and has dark under eye circles since I do not remember when; 2) I have a very unruly dry / colored hair; 3) I wasn’t born rich. So here’s a tip for mom’s like me who are at home, seldom gets the time to fix themselves, who are always on the run to do chores and who would like to save up on money and time!

This make up tip is for normal / oily skin. For ladies in in their 30’s – am I too specific? Hah?! To start with, I now wear glasses and I deny it most of the times! Here’s what I look like on a normal, no make-up barefaced look.


Glasses On

20150725_093753 (1)

Glasses off – yeah I look like a panda alright and thanks to my dry left eye, it just made it worst.

For a quickie, I skip using moisturizer. So as a start I use CC Cream. An invention once again made by man to make my life easier and make me a lot prettier. On this blog, I used Cushion Screen Cell CC Cream from Faceshop.


CC Cream from Faceshop

Excuse my left eye, it has been suffering from - i do not know what but is was extremely dry and drooping :(

Excuse my left eye, it has been suffering from – i do not know what but it was extremely dry and drooping 😦

Voila… In an instant my eyebags – in my case LUGGAGE not bags were gone! But… you might start to ask me, can this make my skin oily? etc etc etc Oh yes! That is why, after I apply the CC Cream I brush – take note brush foundation on my face to set it. Foundation holds the CC Cream and does not make it cakey or oily.

My all time favorite – MAC Mineralize Skinfinish MEDIUM. Yes, MAC. OK, So I might start to have haters after this. I am using MAC not because I am rich or I can afford it. My mom, who happens to be in the US send me this stuff. It is shall we say – “sponsored”


MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium


Then add a bit of blush, eyebrows if you want – in my case is a must, lipstick and mascara!

Adding more Arte!

Adding more Arte!

Since my hair isn’t pretty I tame them by using gel or hairspray. Depends on my mood and voila! My finished product. Daily look you can use for a quick trip to the grocery, to the school etc.


Time for a SELFIE!

Tada! Selfie Worthy Mom Look!

Tada! Selfie Worthy Mom Look!

Hope you like it!




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