4 Easy Steps DIY: Fruit Hat

In the Philippines, July is Nutrition Month and the schools usually celebrate it with food sharing, food preparation, create your own headdress and drawing contest. They either select a few parents to prepare “healthy” snacks and present in front of a class, have a drawing contest (related to the theme), ask parents to bring in food during the last day of celebration and most importantly and the reason why I am blogging now is the “HEALTHY HAT” – actually, I made that up! 🙂

One of the activities is to create a headdress with GLOW, GROW, GO food. First thought, what the hell are these and how am I gonna fit that on my kid’s head? Are you kidding me? A headdress? Wait, what is a headdress anyway? Ooooohhhh it’s gonna be a busy week!

My idea in the beginning was to find a cheap headband and buy fruits or a few leaves and create a cutesy headband for her. I can’t find any near our place. So, I just thought of using my old fedora hat and buy cute, realistic fruits that will still look fashionable on top of my kid’s head.

I found some of these flowers with berries (oh I am so bad with plants, fruits and veggies – please don’t judge me), 2 big fruits and a red chilli pepper. What’s a red chilli pepper doing on the hat of nutritious food? Um, I don’t know. It just looks nice on my eye, it caught my attention the moment I saw it. So, I must put that on the hat.

Materials: Hat, Glue stick, Super Glue, Needle and Thread and your choice of fruit or flowers.


Main Materials that you’ll need

How to stick and design:

  1. Separate the berries with the branches. What I did was, I paired half of the purple wild berries with the red. I was planning to design only the half side of the hat.

    While stitching my chilli

    While stitching my Red Pepper

  2. The paired red and purple berry was “stitched” on the hat like this. I actually stitched the stems / branches on the hat itself. Was it hard? Nah, it made the berries more sturdy.
  3. I also stitched the pepper. (I tried sticking it with glue stick, it didn’t work).  So, I stitched both the ends of the pepper.
  4. I used a elastic glue (in Manila, the brand is Mighty Bond ) for the pear and “dalandan” a fruit that is similar to an orange but is green. Um, yes, an Orange that is green. I just chose that fruit for balance of color. 🙂

Voila! My kid’s fruit hat fit for the occasion – Nutrition Month! Oh, and from the looks of it, I can use it too!



Some photos were taken at home right after I finished this little project and the other from the school during the actual headdress presentation. This DIY fruit hat is not just for kids but also for mom’s looking for a hat to wear to complete a costume. 🙂 Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making the hat!

Raw photo

Raw photo


Oh yeah! She loves it!


Actual Photo of the event - she was crying because she wanted to play and we were still taking photos of her :)

Actual Photo of the event – she was crying because she wanted to play and we were still taking photos of her 🙂




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