Liebster Award


I haven’t checked my blog over the weekend and was ecstatic to receive the most wonderful notification on my blog site! A Liebster Nomination from catnortonmakeupartist 🙂 I am so grateful for the nomination and I feel honored (I am actually blushing right now! – while giggling like a pre-schooler). I have started this blog for more than a month now and I have a very limited posts as of this time, but I like to write and reach out – so thank you once again! 🙂

To start off, the Liebster Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers (hah! I really need to google that!) The official rules are simple. If you choose to accept the award you have to:

  1. You just have to write a blog post about the Liebster Award in which you thank the person who have nominated you and post a link of their blog on your blog
  2. Copy and Paste the Award on your Blog
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers and create 10 questions for them to answer
  4. Answer the questions your nominator has written for you
  5. Let you nominees know by leaving a comment on their blog

These are the questions catnortonmakeupartist has written for me:

1.What is your best memory of your childhood?
Growing up in Manila makes me remember playing on the streets until night time with neighbors and definitely Christmas, since I am the youngest I have the most presents!
2. What is your fave makeup brand?
Definitely MAC
3.What is your favourite TV program right now?
Channel M (Korean) 3 Meals a Day
4. If you were given £1000, whats the first thing you would buy?
A toy for my kid! 🙂
5.If you were stuck on a deserted island whats the 3 things you’d take with you?
Pen, Paper, Camera
6. What is your number 1 fear?
To lose a loved one.
7.Where if your favourite place in the world?
The corniche at Doha, Qatar (brings back memories)
8. What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time?
I wanted to continue writing! Probable I have reached more people and touch their lives.
9. Whats your favourite perfume?
Lacoste Pink
10.What’s the one makeup product you couldn’t live without?
BB Cream / Concealer
Now it’s my turn to do some nominations –
10 Questions you need to answer are:
1. What is usually the first thing on your mind when you wake up?
2. What is your favorite dish?
3. Given the chance to travel, where would you want to go?
4. Who will you tag along with you?
5. What is your favorite accessory?
6. What was your nickname as a child?
7. What would you do if you won the lottery?
8. Who has the most influence in your life among your parents?
9. What is your view on online dating?
10. If you are to hashtag your life what will it be?
Once again, thank you catnortonmakeupartist for nominating me! You can check her blog at
Much love!

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