Push Girl


This blog post, is dedicated to all the “Push Girls / Boys” out there.

I know, the name sounds funny – It was, the first time I heard it! Imagine calling someone a “push girl / boy” first question was… ok so what will I push? 🙂

As funny, shallow, or unimportant as it may sound I am a “Push Girl” whenever the ‘need’ calls for it. I am lucky to be invited as one. Why? It has given me the sense of happiness, excitement, a change of environment, new learnings, new discoveries, new sets of friends… and I get to be paid really well! Do not be confused between a push girl and a model at events. “Sometimes” we are two different people. I am not as tall, or as lean as a model… and again, I am just a “Push Girl”.

Imagine working at different locations, meeting different people, learning your lines before an event starts… it excites me! Even if that would mean I have to stand or talk for 10 hours (sometimes more) I would do this in a heartbeat, as long as I still can, as long as I am still in-demand.

Why write this post about a push girl / boy? As fun and exciting as it may sound, this job will also toughen you up. People will sometimes ask you for a lot of freebies (and you just can’t because you are just a “push girl” and a supervisor is eyeing you nearby), sometimes you might hear sarcastic remarks, oftentimes ignored, you are asked random questions – sometimes intelligent sometimes dumb… and you still have to keep your cool amidst the chaos (sometimes) and all these happenings. I have accepted this job, I love this job and I am getting paid to do it so why not suck it up during the whole event? It is fun at the end of the day when you look back anyway.

With VJ Josh during MTV VJ Hunt Event

With VJ Josh during MTV VJ Hunt Event

This my dear friends has taught me two valuable lessons in life. “To never judge a book by it’s cover” A lot may smirk, or laugh at this lesson – but have you REALLY tried to observe this? I mean, have you really ‘not judge’ someone based on their physical appearance, where they work, or what they do in life?

Another is “humility”. I may have graduated from a University and have finished a degree, but never in my life will I be embarrassed of being a “Push Girl”. This has taught me life lessons I can never imagine learning from a prestigious workplace. At least in my opinion.

Oh and did I mention? It pays well too!

So next time you see a “Push Girl / Boy” at an event… try to take your time, smile or nod at us and listen at our spiel. We are human beings after all, just trying to make a living – LIKE YOU.



PS. This is solely my own opinion from my observation at events I was invited to. I thank God for all these events, it has helped me and my family financially.


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