We are Crazy

My Crazy Beautiful Family

My Crazy Beautiful Family

Two different people getting married in their late 20’s while being steady for months was crazy. Moving in and having a child was even crazier. Call it crazy, at least there’s one thing we have in common. We are crazy.

We were brought up to have different beliefs, we eat different food, watch different shows, do different stuff, talk differently, we are two totally different individuals, yet we have fallen in love with each other. We are crazy.

We argue a lot. I talk too much. He doesn’t talk at all. I am very opinionated, he isn’t. Yet we understood each other well by just a simple look at each others eyes. We are crazy.

We have a different sense of humor. We do not laugh at the same jokes. Yet, there is just one thing we always laugh about. I still can’t define what, when, why, how do we laugh at the same things because we are totally different. Yes, We are crazy.

He is a morning person, I am a night owl. He wakes up early, I want to sleep all day. He likes veggies, I like meat. He loves beer, I hate the smell of it. He is spontaneous, I like to plan a lot. Two opposite poles, yet the attraction was so high, we fell in love at first sight. We are crazy.

Is there an end to our craziness? Probably not. We are who we are. We love being us and this love has blossomed into a curly, cute, funny, artistic little bundle of joy who can switch on and off and choose whether she’ll be dad today or mom tomorrow!

Yes, We are Crazy!

This crazy little family, is what makes my world go round and I WOULD GO CRAZY if one day it will all be gone…



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