Miracle Art Museum – Market! Market! Taguig City

I have been searching online if Miracle Art Museum have a website, but it directed me to several Facebook pages. So, apologies if this blog does not link you to their website for infos related to timings, other fees etc.


If you happen to visit Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City Philippines you may want to stop by Market! Market! and visit Miracle Art Museum with your friends or family. It is located at the 4th Floor of the mall. Their entrance fee is Php 180 per person only (the last time I checked).

It was just me and Alyssa (my daughter) so the photos in this blog are limited. The place was jam packed as the whole school was with us, it was Alyssa’s field trip. 🙂

Once you’re inside you’ll notice that there are sample photos in each art and a staff is nearby to take your picture. You can choose to either copy the sample photos or improvise.

Here are some of the photos we took:

Alyssa holding the Bible

Gorilla taking Alyssa’s photo


Taking “THE RING” from Gollum

Me, holding a painted helmet and Alyssa acting as if she can smell the smoke! 🙂

Another picture worthy place for me which is definitely fun to visit with your family and friends! If you are up to taking the wackiest photos and not shy about it, a must visit for you! 🙂




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