Where to Buy: United Nations Costume in Manila

It is the first time that my daughter’s school is celebrating International Friendship Day, commonly known as United Nations Day. It is an occasion where the school gives it’s students a chance to parade an assigned national costume of a country either picked by the students or appointed by a teacher.

My daughter was assigned to wear Venezuelan National Costume. As a mom of a little girl, whom I consider my own personal doll, I wanted ‘again’ to give her the best costume, which is within my budget that I can find. Where else will I find something like that? Baclaran Baby!

From my previous post about In Search for the Perfect Dress, I just took the chance of going back to the same street, GG Cruz Street and honestly, when I saw the place my initial reaction was, “WOAH?!” IT HAS TRANSFORMED! I was in awe, that I need to hide my feelings for people not to notice that I was indeed “still” a newbie at this place!

Comparing the photos from my previous post, you will notice that the whole street was filled with Filipiniana Dress, to my surprise, this is what I saw —

GG Cruz Street, Baclaran

A close up from one of the shops that allowed me to take photos of the costumes they’re selling

To me, it was just W.O.W.!!!

FYI, the shops were not only selling these costumes but halloween costumes as well with matching accessories!  Honestly, I couldn’t contain my happiness when I got there.

I bought my daughter’s dress for Php 650 after I raided the whole area (which I think was a good deal) and to add a little something, I also had a sash made for her.

The Sash Maker when I asked him to “smile” for the camera! 🙂

He has all the letters in the world! Like, literally!

He has all the letters in the world! Like, literally!

I was actually thinking of making a sash for my daughter, but to save time and energy her sash was made on the spot in less than 5 minutes for only Php 100 (Php 80 if there were no extra ribbons).

Interested to know how my little Venezuela looks like? Here she is:

This photo was taken after the program. She looks sooo tired already, but still pretty 🙂

My daughter waiving her flag. With her class adviser.

The next time you think about visiting Manila and would want to consider buying a costume, may it be for you or your kid, October is the best month for you! If you’re going to ask me, you can find costumes from around the world on this street – all you need to do is ask and use a bit of your imagination. Oh and don’t forget to ask for discounts too! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading my post!




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