DIY (PART1): Rainbow Goody Bag for International Friendship Day

From my recent post, about International Friendship Day all students from my daughters school was asked to bring simple giveaways for their friends / classmates. I was searching for giveaway ideas and came across ‘brown bags’ as goody bags since I am on a tight budget. A shout out to for the rainbow design on the goody bags!



  1. Brown (Sandwich) Bags
  2. Scissors
  3. Scotch Tape
  4. Glue
  5. Construction Paper (with Assorted Colors)
  6. White (A4) or any white thick paper
  7. Ribbon (optional)

How to design your bag:

Draw skies (freehand) on the white paper like this, cut and set aside.


Choose the colors you would like to use on your rainbow. Fold it in half and cut. Fold the other half into an accordion and start cutting. The size of the folds should be at least 1cm thick (if you want to measure).


At the back of your cloud, tape the colored strips of paper.

IMG_1081Glue or tape it on the brown bag. You can keep it plain, or design it. OR… you can ask your kids to design their friends bags! I’m sure they’ll love it!



Here’s what I did, I placed a ribbon, just to make it a bit girly. 🙂


There you have it! Your very own rainbow brown bags! Hope you like this giveaway idea.

Like this blog? Read Part 2 also. As I have attached a rainbow loom band, (made by us) on the bag. After all, it is Friendship Day! 🙂




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