Beginners Makeup Must Haves To Nail That Zombie Look!

It’s that time of year where everybody get dressed up and be whoever they want to be, walk on the streets and actually get away with it! My daughter and I love halloween and this year she wanted to be a zombie, whoever she wants to be I’ll just match her – so we can be matchy matchy with the costume and makeup.

I am a beginner at this and it was my first time to do a zombie makeup. Not to mention, my resources were quite limited! To start with, the base of my zombie makeup is the normal base I use whenever I go out of the house. You can use your preferred makeup base or if you want to know mine these are:

  1. Faceshop Collagen Moisturizer
  2. Faceshop BB Cream Natural Base
  3. Johnson’s Baby Powder
  4. For this look, since I opted for a matte look. I used MAC Studio Fix NC30 for my foundation.

(For photos and how-to-apply, you can click here: 5 Makeup Coverage Essentials )

However, to add that ‘decaying’ look on my face (and my daughters) I used MAC Embark Eyeshadow around our eyes, on the cheekbones, sides of the nostrils and forehead.


MAC Embark Eyeshadow

Here’s how I look. I really wanted to look ‘subtle’.


I used one product for my eyebrows and as eye liner (as I never really use black for my eyebrows).  Covergirl eyeliner in Black. Just make sure not to overdo your eyebrows. For my lips, I applied Clinique Angel Red and dabbed MAC Embark Eyeshadow on the sides of my lips to make it a bit darker.

For my daughters’ zombie look, I used the BB Cream, Johnson’s Powder and MAC foundation so it will really stick on her face the whole day. Used the same MAC Embark Eyeshadow for the decaying look and used an eyeshadow brush from elf for her face 🙂


Elf Eyeshadow Brush

For the blood around her mouth I used Clinique Angel Red and Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss in Pink (for texture). Here’s how she looked like during our trial makeup a day before her party:


My daughter’s makeup Trial

On halloween, here’s how we looked like:


Mom and Daughter Zombie!

Do you like our look? 🙂 Try it! Definitely my zombie makeup is for beginners level! Very easy.

What’s nice is we had fun doing it and pretending to be zombies for that day!

Happy Halloween!!! 🙂




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