Halloween 2015: Nickelodeon’s Takotown Twisted Tales and BGC High Street

I was ecstatic to finally purchase something at Toy Kingdom to score two tickets at Nickelodeon’s Annual Halloween Party – Takotown Twisted Tales and I couldn’t be any happier seeing Alyssa’s face when I told her we’re going to a halloween party!


The look on Alyssa’s Face… Priceless!

Event starts at 2PM and ends at 6PM. It was our first time and didn’t know what to expect. Needless to say, we were both in costumes and went as Zombies. We were excited!

We arrived at 2.30PM and was surprised to see a huge amount of people occupied one hall at SMX Convention Center just to line up to get inside the event proper. I asked a lady where the end of the line was.

…after 2 1/2 hours of being in line, we were given the chance to enter the place at 5PM!!! In between those 2 1/2 hours of staying in line a lot of people has left already since “No one was allowed to enter”  (roughly around 4PM); simply because the management “does not want to overcrowd the place”. Honestly, I just feel sorry for Alyssa and all other kids hopeful for a bag of candy with their costumes on halloween. I just had my “You have got to be kidding me” moment. Not to mention, most parents were complaining already because the ticket for an average Filipino household is not a joke. It costs Php 1,000 to get 2 tickets.

We were there already, I don’t want to break my daughter’s heart so, we went in. There wasn’t any loot or giveaways left, and there’s still a huge line inside for God knows what. Ok, so this is getting kinda out of hand. Nickelodeon – hello?? The advertisement on TV was so cool that kids wanted to attend this party, not to get traumatized their whole life.

I just took some photos. To at least have a remembrance of the place. Here’s a few snaps of an area during the event:


My little Zombie, still in character amidst all the waiting we had to do.


Such a sweetheart! Posing for Mom.

There were games inside and I just allowed Alyssa to play even without any prizes. In short, I bought her a toy while we were there. I just felt so sorry for her.


I don’t know what she was thinking. But she sure looks dead tired… get it?! DEAD tired… 🙂 Ok, I was just trying to be funny. 🙂

Her dad picked us up and went to another place. Why haven’t I thought of that before??? Sheesh! I blame it on Nick’s advertisement on TV!


Trying to draw using colored ketchup

Immediately, since I am still feeling sorry for her, we let her sit on this activity area and let her draw a monster using colored ketchup. We paid Php 60 and got ourselves a set of colored ketchup from UFC (blue, green, yellow and red), while waiting for the show to start. Their theme? Tricks are a Villain’s Treat.


The kids were having a blast! Each (I think) was having a “fan” moment seeing the villains


Alyssa and I with the villains

How much did we spend for this treat? Just the Php 60 for the activity, there was a FREE photobooth too! The guard was even telling us, if we have arrived early, we might have collected candies that day! What?!?!

What is important is that at least Alyssa did get to enjoy her halloween since this occasion wasn’t a thing before in the Philippines. Unless you live in a village or subdivision; unlike where we currently live in – even local taxi drivers does not want to get inside our street.

We treated ourselves to dinner after a rough day AND they gave Alyssa two handful of candies…


Excuse our Family photo, Alyssa was just tired. She’s had enough of photos that day. 🙂

Moral Lesson of this blog: “Money can’t buy happiness”


Alyssa: Where are we going next mom? Me: There’s a lot of places to explore boo, we’ll see…




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