A Review: iamalyssamarley goes to Kidzania… again!

If you have read my last blog about Kidzania and how sad my daughter was during our last visit, this time she (and I) had a blast! Thanks to my friend, her daughter and her sister who came all the way from the Middle East to meet Alyssa and I.

It was an impromptu meeting, a chat early in the morning of January 5, 2016 which led us to decide that YES this is THE day to go to Kidzania with our daughters.

We have both checked their website for a chance to grab the tickets online for the 3pm – 8pm shift but it wasn’t showing in the system already. We both thought it was sold out. I phoned Kidzania and found out that if you are planning to go on the same day and haven’t purchased your tickets online you have to visit Kidzania early.


Tip no. 1 If you haven’t purchased your tickets online and you plan to visit Kidzania on the same day, you have to be physically there and purchase it yourself. In our case, my friend went there between 10am to 12nn as advised by the person I spoke with. They can’t really confirm if at 3pm the tickets are still available or sold out.


Tip no. 2 If you are going by yourselves ie. you and your kid, without any yaya / nanny I would “highly” suggest that you go and grab yourselves a snack, better if it’s a meal. I will tell you the reason why.


L-R: Yuna and Alyssa

Around 3pm we were there. Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of people, unlike the first time we visited. So, we got our tags and boarding pass immediately. (There is a boarding pass?! …and cheque?! Haven’t seen that through the chaos of the first visit).


Boarding Pass and BPI Cheque

Since there weren’t a lot of kids (and adults) this time, we had a chance to take a photo of the fountain right at the entrance. Yes, I haven’t noticed that one too during our first trip as I was busy running to see where my daughter was at that time.



First stop, Pet Express. Just picked up where Alyssa and I left the last time. In less than 30 mins the girls were up. The Map says to visit the bank first and exchange the cheque in Kidzos (Kidzania money). However, we saw a huge line outside BPI and told my friend to let them enjoy one first establishment first since we won’t be needing the money yet, then just head to BPI afterwards. We were successful!


Excited kiddos

After this, we headed to BPI to have the cheque exchanged. The transaction was a breeze!


Alyssa and Yuna felt happy receiving their 50 kidzos each!

Kids can open an account for a minimum of 20 kidzos, I guess we have to try that next time.


Next stop was Healthy Options. Since Alyssa’s 6 she can either be a cashier, merchandiser or bagger while Yuna who’s 5 can participate as a shopper.


Alyssa the Merchandiser

Since the girls worked hard already, it’s pamper time. They both agreed to visit Kurlz and give themselves a makeover.


Alyssa and Yuna, both backs are turned relaxed and ready for their makeup!

Kids can also apply makeup to other kids and their services also include a mani! 🙂


The girls also trained to be pilots. Surprisingly, there isn’t any line at all!


Pilot or model? 🙂

After training to be pilots, they became farmers 🙂 What a transition right? Anyway, I couldn’t really tell what’s going on inside, but i guess they were asked to sort out fruits and veggies. They both picked up a box filled with either fruits or veggies and delivered it to Healthy Options (with a guide).


Listening attentively…

Next stop, the girls trained to be bakers at Goldilocks. They were handed a pink frosting each and was taught how to design their own mamon.


Our little bakers, so serious!

There is a diner inspired area and the girls ate their mamon while we relax, chat and marvel at how many establishments/attractions they’ve already visited!



We headed downstairs again and found Kidzania Department store. The girls went inside and sorted out clothes to be hanged for display. We can’t really take nice photos during the activity.


Inside the Department Store

While our girls were busy, we asked Ria’s (my friend) sister to watch over the kids while we grab a copy of the photos taken during the pilot training.  Each copy costs around Php 250 and can be retrieved (when purchased) through www.pictureair.com make sure to log in (it’s easy) and check the code on the lower left side of the photo.

We even had the chance to snap a few pics of the girls with the Christmas Tree.



After that, the girls agreed to be firefighters. They both listened attentively during the video presentation and since we were told that they can’t guarantee if there will be a fire… we were ecstatic to hear the fire alarm after the girls completed their training! They get to ride the fire truck too!


My little firefighter

It was almost 7.30pm and the Acting Academy are already calling out kids are interested to be a part of the closing parade. Both girls hurriedly removed their gears and headed across Acting Academy.


Both girls were asked to pick out their own costume and they practiced the dance routine inside. When ready, we just couldn’t contain our excitement to see our girls dance and be a part of the parade. FYI  – only Alyssa and Yuna were the only kids who participated during the parade that night! 🙂 Video posted on my FB account: Iris Jhocson Pineda.



Getting warmed up!

To the parents, unless you have a yaya / nanny with you you’ll never get a chance to sit and relax or have a chit chat.

Tip no. 3 grab a bottle of water, you’ll need it as you will consistently walk, stand and be amazed at how cute your kids will be when they’re in uniform.

Tip no. 4 Wear comfy shoes and clothing.

Tip no. 5 Do not forget your camera, power bank etc.

Tip no. 6 Do check your photos at the Pikz Station. Make sure you have an extra money to purchase your kids photos which is at Php 250 each.


As for the day of our visit, I guess afternoon visit is advised. Though their timings will change after the holidays. Here’s from the guide we grabbed.


To my dear friend whom I haven’t seen in years, thank you for the visit and for inviting us. We sure had loads of fun and we enjoyed your company! Yuna was such a doll and she became instant friends with Alyssa. As for my friends’ sister Trish it was a pleasure meeting you, in person, finally! 🙂


To Kidzania, thank God we came back! We will definitely come back for more!






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